ISS Research Lab (Level 3)

During this 9-month program, students work in teams to conceptualize, create, and conduct their experiment for NASA approval. Each team submits draft documentation and data analysis for review in order to be installed on the ISS for 30 days. This hands-on experience offers students real-world situations to navigate using technical skills, creativity, and the latest technology.


Create your one-of-a-kind space experiment

Run an autonomous experiment aboard the ISS and have VIP access to view your rocket launch

Develop skills for a career in STEAM

Cultivate a hands-on learning environment where students learn how to conduct mechanical research, engineer electrical circuits, and develop software programming code to successfully launch a rocket onto the ISS.

Craft real-life mentorship experience

Create opportunities for students to navigate mentor communication and feedback with confidence.

Take your dreams to the next stratosphere. Now taking reservations for 2022 / 2023


Jennifer’s story

Jennifer Song is a three year veteran of the Level 3 Program. Before joining the program, Jennifer was extremely shy and struggled with communication. She wasn’t sure how she was going to fit in, especially as a new person on the team. Unfortunately her team ran into some trouble, so they appointed her as the deputy lead. She was very hesitant at first to be a leader, but she knew she couldn’t let her team down. Being in ISS Level 3 brought her out of her comfort zone and provided an opportunity for her to grow in her leadership, communication, and technical skills. Through her time in the Research Lab Level 3, she realized she wants to pursue physics research and eventually teach physics at a university.

How it Works

  • Step 1: Split up into teams to research and brainstorm ideas for your project.
  • Step 2: Present your idea to mentors and research scientists.
  • Step 3: Develop a viable product and begin data collection.
  • Step 4: Submit data documentation to NASA for approval.
  • Step 5: Host a sendoff party because your masterpiece is going to orbit the earth on the ISS for 30 days!

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