Space Inspired STEM

Quest for Excellence partners with NASA and Space Tango to give students the opportunity to conduct experiments aboard the International Space Station.

Each of our four program levels will inspire and challenge your students:

  • Space Research for AP High School and University students. Design, build and fly custom experiments to the ISS for 30 days.
  • Electrical Engineering for High School and advanced Junior High students. Design PCB board functionality to run heat experiments on the ISS.
  • Coding ISS experiments for JH students. Code in Arduino to run heat experiments on earth and on the ISS.
  • Block Programming Space activities for Elementary students

A space program that’ll make your childhood self jealous

Your command center for space education

Outer space isn’t a place just for the Jetsons. Now, there’s a place for you too. Each opportunity is like a star brimming with promise, waiting to be discovered. The world needs minds who are willing to go to the edges of our knowledge to research brilliant ideas and build new solutions. All you have to do is decide: will you start the journey?

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Not even gravity can stop the next-gen from reaching the stars

Gravity reminds us of forces beyond our planet. Imagination, like science, compels us to investigate and understand what makes the world spin. The International Space Station (ISS) is like the laboratory of dreams for scientists to research the galaxy’s biggest questions. 

Nothing can stop the most determined minds from discovering the answers. Join the elite group of scientists at the ISS and launch your experiment into orbit. Nothing can stand in your way. Not even gravity can hold you down.

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Quest for Space

ISS Research Lab (Level 3)

During this 9-month program, students work in teams to conceptualize, create, and conduct their experiment for NASA approval. Each team submits draft documentation and data analysis for review in order to be installed on the ISS for 30 days. This hands-on experience offers students real-world situations to navigate using technical skills, creativity, and the latest technology.

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ISS Apprentice (Level 2)

Our accelerated, no-fuss space program comes with 2-3 pre-approved NASA experiments for 7th through 12th graders. The program is available as a semester-long science curriculum insert (6 hr) or an after school extracurricular (12 hr). Q4 Level 2 provides students the opportunity for research analysis, code development, and data uploads to the International Space Station (ISS). Get your hands on this NASA-approved course today.

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ISS Inspiration Station (Level 1)

Over the course of a semester, students will conduct a NASA-approved experiment to compare data results from Earth and the International Space Station (ISS). This hands-on experiment gives students the opportunity to develop observation, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

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ISS Quester (Level 0)

A Quester is one who seeks. Inspire the Quester in your students by using block coding to create unique Space Art with Ferrofluids and Iron Filings in microgravity and video messages on BMO to send to their friends and family.

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What other people are saying about Q4 Excellence

School Excellence

High Tech High

Not many junior high and high schools can say they’ve had multiple experiments run aboard the International Space Station. Then again, there aren’t many schools like High Tech High.

High Tech High Chula Vista (HTHCV) is an open-campus, project-based public charter school in San Diego county with an emphasis on hands-on and community learning. As such, teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to inspire their students, which made Quest for Space a perfect fit. “I almost had to re-read the inquiry email,” seventh grade science teacher Adam Koh said. “We’re doing an experiment in space? Of course I want in!”

Teacher Excellence

Kara Quinlan

Walking into her classroom, it’s clear Kara Quinlan loves her students, science, and Star Wars. “That’s the original crew up there,” Kara says as she motions to a poster of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo. “I’ve been a fan ever since I was little. The movie would start, ‘in a galaxy far, far away’ and I would think, how do we get there? What does warp speed feel like? What would it be like to be part of this great unknown?”